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Negotiating Resettlement. Negotiations, processes and long-term development of violence-induced migration after World War II

Senior Researcher: Dr. Sebastian Huhn
Project Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - DFG

The IRO’s resettlement program has mostly been studied as the history of an international organization and international diplomacy in the context of post-World War II Europe and the beginning “Cold War”, with a focus on certain ethnic or religious groups, and with emphasis on the hot spots of the resettlement. The project investigates the resettlement of DPs to-wards Venezuela as a (third-world) destination from the perspective of Historical Migration Research.

We focus on four cohesive key aspects of negotiation and migration: 1) the political negotiation of the resettlement between the IRO and Venezuela and the spatial and chronological development of the resettlement, 2) the individual negotiation of the emigration between the DPs and the IRO field officers and the DPs’ social profiles, 3) the DPs life courses be-fore and after the resettlement, and 4) the social negotiation about participation and recognition of the DPs in Venezuela and the corresponding discourses about immigration.

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